Compass (Pure Copper)

Compass (Pure Copper)

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Pure copper clamshell compass with luminous pocket watch compass portable outdoor multi-function metal measuring ruler tool

Product Information:

♦ Product Name: Pure copper outdoor multi-function compass pocket watch

♦ Product material: pure copper color box + OPP bag packaging box size

♦ Product weight: 52g

♦ Product size: 48mmx13mm

♦ Product Description: Pure copper to create a stylish pocket watch styling flip waterproof 360-degree rotating compass

♦ Product Description: This compass has a luminous function after light irradiation, and the built-in damping oil works at a temperature of minus 20 ° C to 50 ° C.

The Method Used By The Compass:

1. The compass must be held horizontally so that it can rotate freely. 

2. The w on the dial represents the west, N stands for North, E stands for East,S stands for the south

3.  The red on the pointer is the N pole, The white is the S pole. 

4. Do not approach the ferromagnetic object when using the compass. High voltage lines and electromagnetic devices, etc., to avoid errors and reduce compass sensitivity.

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