Dog Step Water Fountain

Dog Step Water Fountain

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  • Constant Availability of  Fresh Water: Make sure your pet can easily serve itself to get fresh and clean water at any time, even in your absence. No need to refill water bowl; Your pet will not be thirsty when you are busy or not at home.

  • Funny Outdoor Pet Toy: Just press the pedal, your pet will enjoy outdoor activities while playing with water. Veterinarians agree that interactive feeding and watering prevents pets from getting bored and helps to ensure our pets are happy, hydrated, and healthy.

  • Easy To Use & Friendly: Connect it to a water tube or a threaded faucet via the hose, press the pedal, the water stream comes out. Featured with self-service operation, the “dog paw pattern” design on the pedal attracts and encourages your pet dogs to press to drink water, no more dog water bowls to clean or fill; fast installation.

  • Heavy-Duty Dog Water Fountain: Made of premium iron material with spray paint, which can meet your long time use demand.

  • Considerate Design: Come with a plastic splitter with locking design, which is convenient to adjust the water pressure and water volume as demand. Also, it can be used to connect threaded faucet except water tube.


  • Warm Note:
  • 1. Install in shady location to minimize effect of sun’s heat on water.
  • 2. Keep away from electrical outlets and cords.
  • 3.Be sure to disconnect in freezing weather conditions to prevent freezing and resultant damage to fountain and hose.
  • 4. It’s recommended to use for medium to large dogs.
Matching Nylon Dog Leash

Matching Nylon Dog Leash

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