Premium Dental Pet Spray

Premium Dental Pet Spray

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Healthy Breath For Your Pet!


Bad breath is not just unpleasant in humans. Sometimes, our pet’s dental hygiene needs our attention too. This is why the Premium Dental Pet Spray is here to help your pet. Bad breath coming from your furry friend’s mouth is a sign of periodontal disease. However, brushing your pet’s teeth every day can be a challenge. Our Premium Pet Dental Spray is an easy and safe solution to your pet’s bad breath. Simply spray in your pet’s mouth to eliminate bad breath. Cuddling your pets will no longer be an unpleasant experience! 



  • Overall Oral Care:  Wipes out bad bacteria from your pet’s mouth which helps eliminate bad breath odor, reduce tartar, and control plaque build-up for a cleaner and healthier mouth.
  • Prevents Illness: When used on a daily basis, it helps prevent periodontal disease and gingivitis which is common in pets.
  • No-Brush Care: This easy-to-use pet spray is the perfect preventative dental care solution for pets who hate having their teeth brushed while still keeping their teeth and gums healthy.
  • Safe To Use: Easily digestible and non-toxic formula makes it safe to use for all your pets.



  • Net Content: 30ml
  • Product size: 101.8*30mm
  • Product weight: 45g
  • 1 x Premium Pet Dental Spray
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